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From My Mother's Hands
Republic of Texas Press
ISBN 1-55622-786-8
265 pages, paper, $21.95
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In one's lifetime there are role models who help to guide and shape the course in the world, and perhaps the most important model for a daughter is her mother. As a shepherdess, this matriarch provides a blueprint for the qualities and traits that form the foundation of a daughter's life. And so it is that From My Mother's Hands (Republic of Texas Press, fall 2000) captures the positive influences of a mother in the lifetime of her daughter.

The book features:  33 Texas women interviewed; first-person interviewee narratives about their mothers’ positive roles; family photos; family recipes; interviewee profiles. 

Partial list of women featured in FROM MY MOTHER'S HANDS:

Teresa Palomo Acosta
Diane Gonzales Bertrand
Cathy Bonner
Liz Carpenter
Vivian Castleberry
Eileen Marie Collins
Jody Conradt
Lillian Dunlap
Betty Sue Flowers

Luci Baines Johnson
Lydia Lum
Judy Maggio
Janie Parker
Dadie Stillwell Potter
S. Eva Singletary
Sarah Weddington
Judith Zaffirini
and more…


  From My Mother's Hands