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    In the spirit of literary salons, the Full Moon Literary Howls are designed to provide an intimate and personal setting where women gather to celebrate the power and beauty of the written word.  To honor the sense of community, the circle-of-women begin with a time for socializing and then move toward the core focus of the gathering—to celebrate the work(s) of the featured writer(s).

    Just as no two women are alike, no two Howls are alike; therefore, each gathering would by its very nature shape the agenda.  However, in general, the Howl includes the writer sharing the back-story to her writing or creative life, delivering a reading from one or more of her works, flooring a question-and-answer session, and then signing copies of her book(s)—if she is published.

    While described as a "Literary" Howl, it is the all-embracing nature of the YowzaSpirit that howls include other creative arenas that lend themselves to a sense of "story."

Poet, Sara Ries, chats with Literary "Howler," Kathy Thomas.
Sara autographs a copy of her book, "Come In, We're Open"



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